Our Team

Our Childcare Connect team takes the stress out of finding, managing, and scheduling substitutes educators to fill needed shifts.

Substitute Educators for Everyone

Childcare Connect is a centralize substitute educator list that connects qualified substitute educators with childcares and organizations that require shifts to be covered for both short and long periods of time.

Daycares, childcares, primary schools, private schools, camps, and early learning centres have an on-going need for qualified substitute educators and short-term childcare workers. Regular staff are often requiring sick days, time off for appointments, and vacation days. Hiring and maintaining regular substitute educator lists can be difficult and often an impossible task when centers require multiple shifts to be covered at the same time.

Childcare Connect is here to take the stress out of finding supply educators to fill needed shifts, with our user-friendly networking platform; connecting local organizations and childcare centers with local substitute staff.